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BalBal? Jul 4th 2015, 21:40 3 450 on 7/7/15
Kenwood TS 940S-AT on 10m FM Mar 31st 2015, 04:08 3 852 on 31/3/15
Load Matching on lower VHF Bands Mar 15th 2015, 20:39 4 1,875 on 16/3/15
Radials Question Mar 15th 2015, 19:07 4 698 on 12/6/15
Return Loss Bridges Feb 26th 2015, 20:23 3 670 on 27/2/15
What Characters do I need to Know? Aug 2nd 2013, 23:00 7 2,067 on 11/7/15
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HW-16 Spurious Emissions on 15 May 22nd 2013, 14:37 7 1,827 on 15/3/15
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Smith Chart Software WB5EMX on 1/12/15
Thanks, Lloyd. I'll check it out!
BalBal? WB5EMX on 7/7/15
Zack: Not what I was looking for, but a very excellent link. Thanks. Bob, WB5EMX. Probably the closest existing answer to my question!
BalBal? WB5EMX on 4/7/15
I have recently made a Fan Dipole using home made 450 Ohm balanced line. I plan on feeding it with 450 Ohm window line. I feel quite confident that this will work (i.e., that I can get away with it with a tuner). I do have a 9:1 Mismatch, however. Is there such thing as a balanced to balanced matching transformer? It does not seem to be addressed in Jerry Sevick's outstanding book, Transmission Line Transformers, 4th Edition. I want the low loss of balanced line. I specifically want to know how one matches a balanced to balanced mismatch. Any Idears?
Bob Scruggs, WB5EMX
Gem Lake, MN
Kenwood TS 940S-AT on 10m FM WB5EMX on 31/3/15
Thanks, Zack. I'll tap into them. Still a great rig. I'm not what I was 30 years ago either!!
Kenwood TS 940S-AT on 10m FM WB5EMX on 31/3/15
I have a Kenwood TS940S-AT. I have run it on FM in the past, but I cannot remember how to do it. I am wondering if someone has one, and can assist me with better instructions than are in the manual. I must be doing something wrong. Thanks! Bob, WB5EMX

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