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Return Loss Bridges WB5EMX 15 hours, 34 minutes ago
Oh, I am interested in operating on 80 thru 10 meters, and at power levels from 125 watts and down, for the antenna applications.
Return Loss Bridges WB5EMX 15 hours, 37 minutes ago
My most up to date Handbook is 1997. On pages 26.41, 42, there is information to build a couple of Return Loss Bridges.
If I were to use one of these circuits, either 26.42 Fig B or Fig C, and apply a known resistance in place of the load on a balan, would the return loss and the voltage reflection coefficient tell me anything? I could swap load resistors and repeat the measurements. Is this a good way to characterize a balun? Who has done this kind of work?

I am also interested in using this device (Fig C) to characterize an antenna, and am thinking it might be useful to 1) measure the feedline in position, with a resistor instead of the dipole connected, and 2) measure the feedline with the dipole connected, and 3) measure the dipole with a known value of resistance connected in parallel with the dipole. Are these ideas of any use? My current dipole is a center fed Zep, slightly longer than 80 meters, tuned with a tuner. In the future I hope to put up a feed line with multipole dipoles at the feed. Not sure what you call that. I prefer resonant antennas, but I frequent the transmatch. All comments will be appreciated. WB5EMX, Bob Scruggs of Gem Lake, MN
What Characters do I need to Know? WB5EMX on 3/9/13
Mike: Thanks. Was hoping to get a response from the likes of you!!
. .
What Characters do I need to Know? WB5EMX on 2/8/13
This is a two part issue. First of all, I would like to see a complete character set that would be all a CW Operator needs to know. This would include not only the Slant Sign, but a backwards Slant Sign as well. The occasion may present itself when I want to send some Net Address via CW, and a \ may be required.
The W1AW practice files do not include such characters, as they are usually (if not always) from QST. I'd like some MPG files with all characters I should be expected to know. 10 WPM would be a fine starting speed (IMHO).

There are files on this web site describing all kinds of net procedures, and what each symbol means (i.e., AR). If you are receiving CW and typing on a keyboard, do you just type AR?
New to CW W2RRK on 2/8/13
You can buy a left handed Vibroplex bug. Get lucky and find one on the web. Worth the change.

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