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ft-950 and Radio Oasis G5RV/MINI or Junior Apr 11th 2013, 12:51 4 6,759 on 12/4/13

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ft-950 and Radio Oasis G5RV/MINI or Junior gkiraly on 12/4/13
The eve of the attic is at about 37ft height. It is one of those roofs where the roof ridge is parallel with the width of the house and not the length. Measured length is about 27 ft. I am planning to mount the antenna about 2' below the ridge. I can have a 50' antenna installed if it is ok to have about 12' vertical on both sides... I would prefer to install the G5RV/Mini though. Can anyone tell me if the FT950 has a wide enough range antenna tuner to get this 25' or so length antenna to tune from 10 to 20 meters? As I said before it is hard to get up in the attic space and it is also hard to move around up there.
ft-950 and Radio Oasis G5RV/MINI or Junior gkiraly on 11/4/13
Quick question:
I am interested in obtaining an FT-950 and a dipole antenna that would be installed in attic space. I am considering either the Radio Oasis G5RV/Mini or Junior antennas. The mini would be ideal since the clear length available in the attic is 27'. I hear that some people have good experience with this antenna on 20 to 10 mhz. However some people do not. I am wondering if the FT-950 would be able to tune this antenna? I could also install the Junior which is 52' long but than about 12' of the antenna would need to be vertical on both ends... Unfortunately, at this time I cannot install an antenna outside. The attic is also hard to access so anything other than dipoles would be out of the question. I would also prefer horizontal dipoles or flat tops over inverted V setup. Thanks for any input!

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