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Kenwwod TR-7950 tone board Jul 12th 2013, 22:27 2 6,034 on 13/7/13

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Kenwwod TR-7950 tone board W4OLC on 12/7/13
I have a tone board installed on a Kenwood TR-7950 and I'm having trouble finding the installation instructions and dip switch position.

The board is about 2" x 1-1/4" and has a chip COM SPEC IC-110, I do not see any marking to identify the maker It has a 5 position dip switch. In the top left hand corner it has ON, then it is number 1-5 across the bottom. The Com Spec chart shows my repeater PL code as 00011, my educated assumption is that the switches would be down-down-down-up-up. It has three wires power, ground and a white wire that goes to the far right pin on J5. Does this sound right? I'm making simplex connections 25 miles away and the repeater is maybe 5 miles farther LOS. Any help will be appreciated, I'm anxious to host our Club's weekly net and so far my calls are relayed from a HAM with a 135 foot tower.

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