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2014 Hard Cover Handbook KG4MAV on 6/2/14
I haven't had a chance to see the new handbook yet. What I am wondering is when they will have MORE hardcover editions available?
Digital QST Survey KE1CY on 28/8/13
I had a question along the same lines as Dino.

If a member pays the $39.00, they will get a full year membership, and 12 issues of QST to read them whenever they choose. If 5 years later, they want to read a back issue, they have it available to read...again...whenever they like. Even if they are no longer a member.

My question is: if a member opts out of getting the "printed" version of QST, and wants the DIGITAL version of QST only, it still cost the same and they also get 12 digital issues for their $39.00. BUT...if 5 years later, the same digital QST only member wants to read a back issue...and happens to NOT be a member at the time...what happens to the digital QST that they PAID for?? If you have to log in to read them, do you still have access to them if your not a member, even though you WERE when you received them? If not, WHY?

Thanks, 73
Steve - NS5B
Forums demoted? AA6E on 19/8/13
Same here...I got the "...we'll look into it..." spill myself. Reminds me of a telemarketer reading from a script.

And some of them seem to be arrogant elitist, that don't care to hear from the ones that FUND THEIR SALARY...and any suggestions that ARE made...and I've seen some good ones...have been blatantly ignored. Its going to be run THEIR way, and the members don't have, and probably never will have a say. And as you said..."just pay your dues and SHUT UP!" About sums it up.
QST for iPad? K3EP on 17/8/13
Seems like ANOTHER reason to change to .PDF format...

"...ARRL digital publishing partner, Nxtbook Media, is in contact with Adobe to regain access to downloaded issues of digital QST using the latest Adobe® AIR™ version 3.8 on Windows operating systems.

Instructions to uninstall Adobe® AIR™ 3.8 and re-install version 3.7 can be found on the “Save to Desktop” page through digital QST:

If you are prompted to upgrade Adobe® AIR™ to Version 3.8, refuse the upgrade.

If you have already upgraded and experience issues with Adobe® AIR™ you will need to uninstall and reinstall an older version..."
ARRL Leadership Salaries 9V1DB on 11/8/13
Quote by 9V1DB
...except the Treasurer who received over $50,000 for a 5 hours work per week. This information is from the 2011 IRS Form 990:

Wow...$192.31 per hour. Not bad.

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