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HW101 Xmit set-up Mar 22nd 2015, 18:50 3 6,592 on 25/3/15

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HW101 Xmit set-up KD0ZGW on 22/3/15
I have an HW101 that I purchased in 2014. It had just been serviced by RTO. So far I have only used it on receive but my main rig is out for repair so I thought I'd give the old rig a try.

I am getting the desired 50ma. of plate current (steps 1-4 under "Transmitter Section Initial tune up") with radio connected to a dummy load.

Now I'm stuck. At step 7 with the meter in "REL PWR" I'm supposed to be able to get a meter indication by rotating the "MIC/CW level colockwise. Manual doesn't say with Mode sw. in "TUNE" but tried that briefly as well. No luck. Meter doesn't budge.

Looking for suggestions.


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