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Picking a Call sign Mar 30th 2016, 16:42 9 7,294 on 16/11/16

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Forum activity KQ7D on 30/3/16
Picking a Call sign Lucky56 on 30/3/16
ok, so, say my initials in my name are KPTand I live in Washington state, could I request a call sign like K7KPT. would that be a vanity call sign?
Picking a Call sign Lucky56 on 30/3/16
I've read some info on the FCC's website and still a bit confused about call signs. Once you've passed the test for a Technician liscense, does the FCC automatically assign you a call sign or can you search for an unused call sign and pick that instead of being assigned one? also what's the difference between a vanity call sign and one picked by the FCC?

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