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series or other modulation types Nov 7th 2015, 21:16 3 282 on 26/11/15
handbook 1st edition Apr 29th 2015, 19:13 2 490 on 30/4/15
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series or other modulation types M0ELS on 26/11/15
ok, so this is not good as I don't want to change those devices for one's with a higher drain voltage. Are there any resources where I can read up on this subject, related to mosfet devices. Looking through some books, its looks as if I will have to modulate the driver as well.

series or other modulation types M0ELS on 7/11/15
I have an old "chatterbox transceiver" solid state and am looking for advice on how to connect an AM modulator to the small amp pcb with 20w output. The am uses a pair of RD15HVF1 devices. I was think along the lines of using a small audio transformer with a centre tap secondary connected to the supply voltage and the other end "floating". The centre tap will connect to the modulator cao an electrolytic cap. The primary side connects to the mic and gnd. Has anyone got any tips or ideas on other types of ways of getting AM audio into these devices.

handbook 1st edition M0ELS on 29/4/15
Hallo all, I am not sure where to place this, but here goes. I have got what I believe is to be a signed person copy of the 1926 1st edition of the radio amateurs handbook softbound. Its has a signature of F.E Handy - personal copy inside the 1st page. Its in near mint condition and comes from an estate sale or sk sale.
I would like to find out if this is the genuine signature and a genuine copy of the handbook, which might be worth a lot of money to someone.

Can anyone help ?

John Randall - M0ELS
flex1500 + VAC software M0ELS on 7/4/14
Hi, Well I have tried endlessly to get it working with programs like cw skimmer, faros, fldigi and wspr/wsjt. Before I go further, let me say that I have a medical problem due to getting chickenpox aged 45 and struggle with rubbing two pennies together in sync...hi

I purchased a copy of VAC software and need someone to help me perhaps via skype to set this all up. Concentration is my worst enemy. If anyone can help my sky id is m0els-uk


Plans for LoTW? nk7z on 7/4/14
I also had problems and went to club log. Bliss !
John - m0els

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