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QST Cover US Flag demoted for Russian Flag?? Nov 1st 2013, 21:31 3 5,728 on 6/11/13

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QST Cover US Flag demoted for Russian Flag?? W2CPO on 6/11/13

Thank you for the background on the plaque, that makes sense. I did cross check on the colors, the shades between the two middle stripes are such that the print copy could have shifted them enough to allow confusion between Russia and Bulgaria colors.
I deal with a fair bit of PC nonsense and folks who don't care to show the due respect to the flag. Having served and fought for the country, I take personal pride in the presentation and display of the flag.
If I ever get that far North, I'll stop by the station.
Of course, I must mention that my call sign was 2-cents.

Dave N2OHA
QST Cover US Flag demoted for Russian Flag?? W2CPO on 1/11/13
OK this may be off-topic, but it irks me so I'm going to drag out the soap box.
I just received my November 2013 QST and the very first thing that catches my eye is a piece of kit on the W1AW bench with the Stars and Stripes and the Russian flag stuck on it. What really got my attention is the fact that the Russian flag IS ON TOP OF the flag of the United States!
As a 20+ year Active Duty US Navy Sailor and combat vet, I would love to know who at W1AW decided it's ever OK to put ANY Nations flag above the Stars and Stripes! I'd be glad to have hold some Title 4 USC Chapter 1 ยง7.c. training for them.

Dave Steiner
Jacksonville, FL

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