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Polarization N8GB on 15/12/16
This topic could fit into a few different forums, I am however going to first post it here to see what I can get out of it.....

My problem stems from a conversation I heard a snippet of on 20m the other evening. I did not catch all of the convo, but the gist is, the operator mentioned that Ten-Tec had (has?) a transceiver that can select vertical/horizontal polarization. I've owned a Ka band 12' sat receiver that could switch between horizontal and vertical and it didn't seem to have much effect, perhaps the signal was strong enough that there would be no effect.

I am fully aware of what H/V polarization is and theory behind it, that's by no means the issue. My question is more about, how can the receiver have anything to do with the polarization of the signal, unless of course it has the capability to switch from shield/center conductor. And perhaps that's what's going on here.

Does doing so actually help?

My understanding was the antenna itself determined the polarization. I can't find much in the way of resources showing a transceiver with the capabilities of switching, nor really any mention thereof.

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