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WiFi Remote Control KS5KIP on 15/4/14
I'm a new General Ham planning a station. My station will be located in a new metal shop building 250' from my residence. I have a computer in the shop that has an Alpha 1 watt transmitter and directional antenna that communicates Wi-Fi to the house modem and it connects to the internet well. I would like to control my radio remotely from my computer in the house when I'm not at the shop. All remote control systems I see are through the internet and I don't want to use the internet, I want use my in house Wi-Fi system. I have not purchased a radio as of yet and I don't understand the compatibility of radios used with remote systems. I've read mixed reviews and the aftermarket suppliers are either vague in their answers or don't respond to email inquiries. The radios that I am attracted to based on advertised specifications are the ICOM 718, ICOM 7000 and the Kenwood TS-2000. Surely, some have gone down this road and can add suggestions.

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