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Yaesu Bluetooth Headset m0pxs on 12/8/14
Basically, I could really do for someone who has one with the required charger to just check the voltage and polarity with a meter if possible. Thanks in advance,

Phil M0PXS
Yaesu Bluetooth Headset m0pxs on 12/8/14
Hi all,

I am probably posting this in the wrong place so please bear with me.

I have a new BH-2A bluetooth headset, but forgot to order the charger and cradle (hi hi) anyway went to order them and not one in the Countr (UK), Great (not).

Anyway I realise that it needs a supply or 6v 1a, so I guess a standard 5v mobile charger will do the job, but my problem is that it has a connection on each side that would make the connection if I had the cradle, but I have no idea what the polarity is. Could be as simple as the +ve being on the same side as the + volume switch, but I have fallen for the obvious before.

Anyone got any ideas ?

Best 73


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