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ARRL eQSL Policy KB1XI on 22/3/19
IMHO, as others have stated nothing is perfect. Some ops, especially foreign ops use eQSL and QRZ logs as their only FREE means of affording operations. Even retirees on fixed incomes can relate to high QSL overall costs. Using eQSL helps in this regard. To "share" databases for comparable/compatible awards, I believe is a good thing. Some ops only use one form of log, and not any others, so there really has to be a means of confirming THOSE confirmed contacts into any other logs format for that award you are searching to achieve for yourself. Even QRZ needs the confirmation in and of its own to confirm time and frequency and mode of the contact. Yes, anyone can make a contact up out of thin air, tell another op somewhere else, and both log it. I would surmise, the majority of us are not like that. Of course there are ways around being honest on ANY log. Meanwhile, QRZ fully trusts LoTW entries downloaded to validate the QRZ logs. After all of this, you just have to ask: Why so one-sided? Don't penalize the many for the actions of a select bad few.

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