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ARRL, FCC Discussing Issue of Uncertified Imported VHF/UHF Transceivers WD3D on 14/11/18
The argument is that only type certified equipment should be allowed in the Amateur Radio Service?

A bit of perspective is in order.

It is one thing for a Amateur Radio Operator to run an experimental radio on service known for it's experimentation. But comparing that to people purposely misusing that equipment to interfere with a public service or to use it in a service for which it was never intended is like comparing apples and oranges.

It is nice that the ARRL does these product measurements.
However, most of these radios are QRP, and frankly, specturally much better than what your average ham can put together at home, yet, all I see are criticisms of the ham on a budget.

Remember that it is perfectly for a Ham to put together their own transmitter from a kit or a design they built from scratch.
And it is up to the Individual Operator to ensure their emission stays in band and for their station to meet good operating practices of the time.

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