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Gamma Match Location/Length Mar 9th, 16:42 1 185 on 9/3/19
Adding More Directors to a Yagi Antenna Feb 6th, 15:38 2 300 on 6/2/19
2 Meter Slot-Cube Antenna (QST Jan 2019) Dec 9th 2018, 13:19 38 3,540 1 day, 4 hours ago

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Gamma Match Location/Length K1AWC on 9/3/19
I would like to hear if the location (In-line or 90 Degrees), and length make a difference for a 2 Meter Yagi antenna.
Adding More Directors to a Yagi Antenna K1AWC on 6/2/19
Does adding more director elements(same length), and keeping the same spacing between the elements, make more Db gain? What type of Formula do you use to calculate, the length/number of elements to see a benefit?
2 Meter Slot-Cube Antenna (QST Jan 2019) K1AWC on 1/1/19
I spent the day trying different things, and found using 75 Ohm Video Coax dropped the SWR's from 2.4+ (RG-58) to 1.2 !! Runs good SWR's thru the whole Band. I might just be done testing things, this is all I need for my uses. THANKS JOHN, for another GREAT Antenna!
2 Meter Slot-Cube Antenna (QST Jan 2019) K1AWC on 31/12/18
I can't give a full report...yet, But this antenna is turning into "FRANKNTENNA". I've made some mods (I will tell more when finished), But I'm still liking this as a portable trip/field antenna. I can hit Repeaters 37 Miles away (MFJ-1918ex 10' stand, Cheap RG58 coax, and a 4 Watt Baofeng UV5-R). Not bad for a start....more to come
2 meter slot-cube antenna KC5EZC on 30/12/18
Read the Antennas' section of this Forum...I describe how they all go together.

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