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Tower Guys into antennas?? Nov 24th 2016, 15:22 4 4,960 on 1/12/16
Tower Planning Time? Jun 26th 2016, 20:30 3 5,084 on 30/6/16

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Tower Guys into antennas?? K6NYB on 1/12/16
Thank you both very much!
Tower Guys into antennas?? K6NYB on 24/11/16
I posted back in June on this and got a few good replies.

Today I am asking for help on making the three or four guy wires that will hold my new 80 foot crank up tower, three or four sloping dipoles on 40 meters.

I understand I need to use insulating rope or cord from the top of the tower to the hot end of the dipoles, my question is, how long should that be?

How far away from the top of the metal tower does the insulating leader need to be before the top hot side of the dipole starts?? Please keep in mind that I will have an MA-5B on the top of the tower!!

Tower Planning Time? K6NYB on 26/6/16
Good day, I'm certain there are many out there with much more experience with antennas than I. One day soon I will get my new 80 foot crank up tower. Not to waste a good opportunity, I was planning on making the four guy wires antennas too. Just makes sense. On top of my tower will be my CushCraft MA-5B. I was thinking of making the four guy wires into 40 meter vertical antennas and then I had to stop there. I can see one 40m inverted "V" but two? I already have a six pos remote coax SW!

#1 Whats the value of two inverted Vee's 90 degrees offset from each other??

#2 Isn't the pattern for an inverted "V" on a metal mast about omni?

#3 A long time ago in a galaxy far away I had a Super Scanner antenna. Anyone remember those? It was for 11 meters but many have been reworked for 10m. As I recall, the hot dipole used the other two cold ones and you got a three quadrant "beam" of sorts.

#4 Any way to create that type of effect using 4 40 meter slopers?

Or maybe three?

Thanks in advance and wish me luck!


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