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In 2015 why are there no ebooks? k9bq on 30/1/15
kc8kjf, I just searched and see the Extra Q & A from ARRL is on Amazon in ebook format for $9.99. I'm not sure if I can link to it here but all I did was go to amazon dot com and searched for "arrl extra" and in the dropdown menu at the search bar I chose Kindle Store. Hit Search. It's right there. This book is for use through June 30, 2016.
HOAs have their own Union! K4KYV on 30/1/15
I agree to a certain extent about the "good" HOAs do for the community but honestly for them to restrict the installation of antennas other than for Satellite TV or wireless Internet (similar to Satellite internet) is beyond my comprehension. *What if* all the communities in the world were HOA and all restricted antennas, then nobody would be able to use Amateur Radio. It's sad, in our HOA we are not allowed to even use those antenna-hiding flag poles!

But I have to admit that our neighborhoods look very nice and well taken care of (for the most part).

But yes, it's overly restrictive and for the good that Hams do each and every day I believe Federal law about not restricting Amateur Radio antennas should be enforced. Of course I don't necessarily want a giant 50 foot tower in my neighbors yard but a few typical antennas is not going to hurt my "view" of the area. But of course, I could be bias.

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