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6 meter operation Jul 1st 2016, 18:58 3 6,470 on 2/7/16
Technician Mar 26th 2016, 22:11 3 5,897 on 27/3/16

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6 meter operation dustyroads on 2/7/16
Thanks! In your opinion which has the most opportunity for enjoyment and contacts 10 meter or 6 meter?
6 meter operation dustyroads on 1/7/16
Please explain which frequencies as a Technician that I should use with a SSB Transceiver using voice only on 6 meters? I Have heard so much about the Magic Band. Would 50.125 thru 50.300 be correct? Thanks Tom KD9DVP
Technician dustyroads on 27/3/16
Thank you for the information
Technician dustyroads on 26/3/16
Please recommend a few reasonably priced radios that would enable me to take advantage of all the US Amateur Radio bands that a Technician has the privileges to use. Thanks KD9DVP

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