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2 Meter Slot-Cube Antenna (QST Jan 2019) K1AWC on 25/1/19
I built this antenna. A couple of times. The dimensions may not be correct. Built as described, it tuned at over 151 MHz. I re-build with the feed point as a sliding arrangement, as the author described, and it was a pain in the neck, but it allowed for some adjustment. Sliding the feed point away from the two vertical elements only made things worse and I realized that I needed to bring the feed point tubes closer in. I trimmed off one side of the T's to allow them to slide up as close as possible to the two 7" vertical tubes. Bingo! The antenna now tuned up at 147 MHz and was inside of 2:1 SWR from 145 to 148 MHz. Basic on-air evaluation had me getting into local repeaters well and even some more remote repeaters when I was parked at a higher elevation location. I have photos of my modifications if it would help anyone.

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