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Mini-Din cable issue Jun 20th 2016, 01:13 3 4,878 on 5/7/16

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Mini-Din cable issue N0MBM on 4/7/16
Since there has been no recommendations/input provided I will go ahead and try it and post if it causes any damage to my radios, Wires-X or Signalinlk boxes.
Mini-Din cable issue N0MBM on 20/6/16
Issue: Having to plug-in and unplug mini Din Cables while switching from signalink, wires-x and programming cable. Concerned with breaking/wearing out the connector on the radio.

Proposed fix: wire the USBs from signalink, wires-x and programming cable to USBs mounted to the side of the box. Take the mini din cables and combine them into one mini din using a circuit board and run one mini din cable from the circuit board to the radio.

Benefit: Will not have to unplug and plug-in different cables when switching between signalink, wires-x and programming cable. I would plug in the USB from the Laptop to the appropriate USB on the side of the box to power the signalink, wires-x or program the radio.

Question: Will this cause back-feed to other components causing issues. Example: if I plug the laptop into the USB connected to the signalink, will it send power/signals to the wires-x box and cause a problem with the radio.

I have a wiring diagram that shows what I am talking about. Send me an Email and I will reply with it.

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