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hearing aids with kenwood ts590s WA1HEW on 23/3/17
This reply may be too late, but I just saw the question. I have Widex hearing aids and they are Bluetooth enabled. I purchased from Widex a device that plugs into any headphone socket (transceiver, iPhone, etc) and sends the audio directly to the hearing aids. Viola, wireless headphones. Ron Gove, W1GOV
Go Box W1GOV on 22/4/16
Thanks Bob. I've been searching google, feel stupid for not checking the ARRL periodicals.
Logging contact during HF nets KI4PW on 13/4/16
one more thing. My original call sign was KM4LFL. We must have been licensed very close to each other.
Logging contact during HF nets KI4PW on 13/4/16
Looks like no one has ever answered your question. I am a relatively new ham (since June 2015) and most of my QSOs have been with net control operators. I find very few Hams actually calling CQ unless it is a foreign station who has pile up and no one can get through. In my naive opinion a QSO is a contact with an other ham. Period. Net or no net. I have sent QSL cards to all my NCO contacts and get QSLs in return with a pleasant thank you. Amateur radio is supposed to be fun; keep it that way.
Go Box W1GOV on 9/4/16
Maybe this isn't the correct forum but I'll leave that to the moderators. I'd like to build a "Go Box" that will house an IC 7000, an LDG 7000 tuner and an MFJ power supply. I can't believe that I am the only ham with this configuration and a need for portable operation (RV-ing to be explicit). So if some one has done this, perhaps even written a construction article I'd love to see it. No need for me to reinvent the wheel if other amateurs have done it before. thanks

Ron Gove

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