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FD Log upload Question Jul 1st 2020, 09:40 2 6,764 on 2/7/20
Contact Stamp Question Jun 30th 2020, 09:06 5 9,239 on 30/7/20

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FD Log upload Question K5CKS on 1/7/20
I have already uploaded my FD Log and just noticed that my Transmitters was incorrectly set to Unlimited. It should have been Single. Can I change this with a new upload??
Thanks & 73,
Rory, K5CKS
Contact Stamp Question K5CKS on 30/6/20
Thanks Zach! 73, Rory
Contact Stamp Question K5CKS on 30/6/20
I just received five new contact stamps, 125, 150, 175, 225 and 275. There are two of each. My certificate has not arrived yet. So I figure one of each stamp for my certificate but where does the second one go??
Thanks for the help!!
Rory, K5CKS
Can I trust in LoTW? No! f8dql on 22/11/19
I just discovered something quite disturbing today while trying to sort out my needed QSLs on LOTW. There are quite a few QSOs that are in my LOTW log that are NOT in my station log. I don't have a clue how they got there or who put them there, but there they are. Now the question is troublesome... how to get rid of these bogus QSOs. The answer has been plaguing me for years. There is no way to delete defective QSO entries. I am not certain why the LOTW development team chose to do this but it has to change, otherwise LOTW is worthless. There are QSOs in my database on LOTW that will never be confirmed and are not valid because I didn't put them there. I am beginning to understand why so many EU and AS stations don't like LOTW... we have no control over what is in our log.
Rory, K5CKS
Looking for advice KI5DYE on 5/8/19
Hi Mike,
A lot of "new" Hams start out with a hand held radio as their "first radio". Most are disappointed with how far they can talk. There are still a lot of repeaters that don't really support low power hand held coverage. Had you thought about putting an antenna in the attic?? A lot of Hams who live in antenna restricted communities have found this to be an acceptable way to get on 2M with a home station. I hope this helps you make the big decision.
Rory, K5CKS

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