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6 & 10 Meter Reception Aug 20th 2016, 16:51 4 10,406 on 8/8/17

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6 & 10 Meter Reception Johnymac on 20/8/16
I just received my Technicians level license. So I have been concentrating on 6 & 10M bands as per my privileges.

To be frank, I have NOT been able to reach anybody. I do hear folks on occasion primarily folks using 6M repeaters but again not able to connect.

My equipment list is:
> Kenwood TS-590S with internal antenna tuner
> 6 and 10 meter dipole antenna's with the SWR around 1:1

I was able to raise a friend on 6M planned test so I know the radio is working.

Any thoughts with this minimal amount of information? :-)

Is there propagation issues currently (August 2016) at the moment?

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