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Looking for portable SW receiver W0SJF on 24/10/16
There are apps for iPads, smart phones, and computers to learn code. G4FON is popular. You set the speed, it will send 5 letter groups, common words, simulated QSOs (contacts) and even letters and words you type in using the keyboard. Learn about the Farnsworth and Koch methods. On radios I also wanted to get a SW receiver "to get my feet wet" before buying a transceveier. I found there are few just receivers offered. Ham gear holds it price well so even a 10YO rig is 100s of dollars. I got a nearly new FT-450D for 500 bucks and after I got my license have worked the world with it. What ever you get your antenna (especially height) will be key to hearing anything, more so than the radio.

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