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Help me get into CW Feb 20th 2017, 21:48 2 9,084 on 3/3/17
NEED HELP Oct 27th 2015, 00:45 2 9,562 on 27/10/15

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Help me get into CW KC1DRZ on 20/2/17
I am a newer HAM. I only have a couple handhelds and a 2m home station. I would love to be able to send CW. I have been practicing. I am able to receive about 2wpm. (each letter I still really have to think about) I can send closer to 6wpm.

I can tell that the rigs that say "all mode" include CW, but considering that funds are an issue, what is the best way to get started? In the meantime I'll be practicing my Q codes, my transmit and receive speed .
NEED HELP KC1DRZ on 27/10/15
Hi. I have a Baofeng 8F Handheld. I have a longer antenna and a car antenna. I have passed my Entry Level test. I have yet to make one contact. I have been at this on-and-off for the past few months. I participated in a volunteer event (borrowed radio) and I have gone to 1 meeting.

I am desperately in need of an Elmer. (just learned that term after the meeting this month) - I dont even know if I set my offset right. At first I attempted the difference, I think 600KHz. Then I realized since one repeater is + and the other is -, maybe I should just type in the desired transmission frequency.

I dont have thousands to spend, but Id like to get into this more, and Id really like to buy used equipment so others can upgrade, and I can get a good deal as I learn.

I am new to this site, so heres my email as a backup:

Any help would be appreciated. I think I did find another HAM operator in my town. If all else fails, Ill drop him a note in his mailbox.


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