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Studying for General license Dec 29th 2016, 01:30 6 931 on 1/3/17
Band plan Dec 16th 2016, 02:45 2 703 on 16/12/16

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Studying for General license KM4OPN on 29/12/16
Thank you W1VT, trying to figure this out was driving me nuts.
Studying for General license KM4OPN on 29/12/16
Ok. I am stuck in chapter 4 page 4-4 of the current ' general class license manual'. I don't understand the 'calculating a power or voltage ratio from db'. How does log negative 1 get figured in log10 or log20 to result in the answer for example 1 and 2.
I have a casio fx-300ES plus. I tried the inverse method also. No luck. Please help!!
KG5QLS ~ New Ham KG5QLS on 20/12/16
Tried to contact you the other day. I don't think that my antenna is strong enough. I am using a buddipole antenna. Awesome antenna but I am not sure I am reaching MS.
KG5QLS ~ New Ham KG5QLS on 18/12/16
Congratulations. What repeater are you near? Send me the frequency and ctss tone frequency. I have my Tech license as well and am working on getting my General soon. I want to see if I can reach you. I am testing out my new portable antenna.
Wayne Hayward
Band plan KM4OPN on 16/12/16
Am I reading the ARRL copy of the band plan correctly in seeing that techs can broadcast on the 6 meter band?
I want to make sure before I do.

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