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used IC-701 radio clicks Mar 21st 2016, 22:24 3 4,932 on 22/3/16

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Picking a Call sign Lucky56 on 14/6/16
Is it policy for hams to give sarcastic answers to reasonable questions?
used IC-701 radio clicks raydoe on 22/3/16
Thanks. I turned down the gain and the click-clack slowed. When I got to the end, it stopped. I then turned it off. I did use a dummy load (home brewed) this time.
used IC-701 radio clicks raydoe on 21/3/16
I bought a IC-701 thru ebay. I'm new, still studying for exam. I've been careful not to power up the equipment, didn't want to burn something up. This until...I couldn't wait any longer. I turned it on and back off a few seconds later. From either the power supply or the radio, I d/n know which, came this clicking, almost a clacking, and not soft-like. It was pretty loud. Tack tack tack tack get the idea. No antenna, no mike, no dummy load, no auxillary ground (I wonder about that). Nothing else but P.S. & radio. Is this a common phenomenon and does it signal the death-throws of a radio? How badly did I mess up?

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