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How to Remove Cigarette Smoke from a Newer Solid State Transceiver? WB1GCM on 9/4/18
Quote by WD0GOF
I have been restoring rigs for years and have developed a method that has served me well for over 15 years. Contact me cateswa at msn dot com and I'll send you a pdf file.

to fellow ham. I purchased a yaesu FT-726R and as it turns out the former owner must have used it a smoke filter it reaks of smokers odor.I am at a loss as how to deskunk this radio it has very low time and it seems to be in good condition.thanking you for your help in this matter roobert c dalley n3uas 73 and have a good day ps I received the information from the arrl web site thanking you again bob.

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