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Help Identifying Vintage B&K Product Nov 17th 2016, 19:18 5 6,062 on 22/11/16
Stealthy Rope-Light Antenna? Aug 26th 2016, 18:50 3 5,338 on 29/8/16
Help With 12AU7 40 Meter Mobile Converter Aug 5th 2016, 17:29 5 5,983 on 26/8/16

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Help Identifying Vintage B&K Product NE6F on 22/11/16
My mistake Martin. It is stamped B&K. I believe it to be associated with some sort of TV test gear too. Looks like it was never used by the look of the clean wire ends. Only paid $2.50 for it.

I opened it up and made a schematic diagram of how its wired.
It might make a nice little QRP rig with a few additional modifications. Thanks for your reply.
Help Identifying Vintage B&K Product NE6F on 20/11/16
Try this Martin -

Help Identifying Vintage B&K Product NE6F on 17/11/16
I just purchased a vintage B&K single tube crystal oscillator.

I need help with product information.


12AT7 Vacuum tube
Crystal 3.563795 KHz (Chroma subcarrier)
Tunable inductor in an IF type can.
Small copper clad steel enclosure
Appears to mount on another piece of equipment

Pictures -

Stealthy Rope-Light Antenna? NE6F on 29/8/16
Sorry, I guess I did not make it clear that my idea is NOT to connect the lights to the AC mains at all. The rope light AC feed line would only be terminated into a antenna tuner. The rope light is the antenna NEVER to be connected to an AC supply..
Help With 12AU7 40 Meter Mobile Converter NE6F on 26/8/16
Update: Got it working in my truck using the vehicle's 30" car radio antenna. Nice reception from a IBS in China.

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