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New ham coax questions w4rta on 12/9/16
I would only need about 20-25 feet of coax for the base antenna I think but I like the idea of having more around because I'm planning on building some portable antennas because I like the idea of making something like that.
New ham coax questions w4rta on 12/9/16
Hello everyone. I'm a new ham and I'm finalizing my first base antenna. I'm currently running a FT-7900r with a mag-mount 2m antenna on a cookie sheet, it works but it's an antenna on a cookie sheet haha. Anyway I'm planning on putting an antenna on the side of my house and my desk sits along the same wall the antenna will be mounted (from my understanding from a couple of friends I'm fairly lucky I get an entire spare bedroom to dedicate to this). So now my questions. I'm planning on running RG8x because it's fairly cheap and I'm fairly broke. Would this be a good feed line to at least start out with? And question 2, would it be better to buy precut length with PL-259 connectors already on or should I buy spools of cable and learn to soder the connectors myself? I'd like to learn to solder anyway and bought a small iron with some lead free rosin-core soder to practice with. Thank you very much in advance.


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