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New Ham. Looking for some guidance Sep 10th 2016, 01:44 3 504 on 11/9/16

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contacting other hams JeffKD8GIR on 28/10/16
Around here, on 2m and 70cm, most people give their call sign, something like "This is KD9GLB On the air, monitoring" and if anyone feels like talking, they will contact you back. Or, if someone is on their mobile rig, they might add "mobile" to their on-air call.
New Ham. Looking for some guidance TimChgo9 on 10/9/16
After spending the last 30 years wanting to be a Ham, I finally became on this past spring. I have a few questions.
First of all, my "rig" such as it is. Right now I am doing 70cm and 2m talking on local repeaters when I can. However, the reason I got into this hobby is for the 6m 15m and lower. I was always fascinated when I was a kid, listening to my dad's old RCA shortwave, and hearing people talk, and other stuff from, sometimes, half a world away. Even as a 9-1-1 Operator and Dispatcher, I would go to work at night hoping to hear some good skip (Several times, I was not disappointed, hearing other departments sometimes 2 or 300 miles away, on our main frequency of 154.175Mhz.) Anyway, that always fascinated me, so, to that end. I am looking for a radio that will do 6m/50Mhz stuff, can anyone recommend a decent one, and judging by prices, it will have to be used. (I have fallen completely in love with the Kenwood TS-2000, but that is not in the budget) I am not sure what I am looking at as far as age and serviceability on used equipment.
Also, I built my first antenna. Seems to be working okay with my radio (50W mobile/base) I hit repeaters up to 20 miles away pretty routinely. However, should I have an SWR meter connected to it? I also have a 25W mobile in the car.

Really, the main concern I have is finding the right radio for 6m. I get easily confused when I am looking at used equipment, On ebay, there aren't enough tech specs.. Some of the used equipment websites are the same, and from the, in some cases, small photos it's hard to get a good idea of what something looks like.

I know this is a wall of text, but, any advice would be appreciated. I would join a local ham club, but the ones closest to me meet on nights that I work.

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