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German Junker Key connection Nov 27th 2017, 14:54 2 9,367 on 27/11/17
Antenna Tuner & Antenna Dec 22nd 2016, 02:10 4 5,920 on 2/1/17

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German Junker Key connection KE0LES on 27/11/17
Just beginning my journey into CW and found a straight key that I think will be good to learn on. I have a small DIY kit (UltraPico Kit) that I am going to practice on but I was trying to find a wiring diagram on how to correctly attach the audio cable to the German Junker key. I see there are three contacts points on the key itself but my audio cable only has two wires. Does it matter which wire goes to the contact points on the key?

Antenna Tuner & Antenna KE0LES on 2/1/17
Zack (W1VT),

I had a question about your instructions for the dipole. I noticed you have RG-58 coax cable for the balun. Is there a reason I couldn't use RG-8X or 8U?
Antenna Tuner & Antenna KE0LES on 27/12/16
Thanks Zack....I will pull down that doc and read over it. I am in the process of studying for my General so I have more frequencies to operate on since my technician licenses really only allows the 2 meter and 70 cm. Problem is I just have a HT with only 5 watts for the VHF/UHF and closet repeater is 18 miles.
Antenna Tuner & Antenna KE0LES on 22/12/16
Hello everyone...I am a new ham Technician and I have a Kenwood TS440S transceiver and trying to get on the air but I am trying to decide how to set up my rig.

I would like to have a dipole antenna that will allow me to talk on the 6 - 80 meter bands but not really sure where to start looking. I have been on a ton of sites but the more I read about antennas the more trouble I have deciding what to purchase.

Also been looking at Antenna Tuners (Palstar AT2K) and trying to decide if there is a cheaper manual tuner that is equal in quality but haven't really found anything based on the reviews from ARRL. The AT2K seems to give the most bang for the buck in the features but the price is killing me. I would prefer the manual tuner if I had my choice because I am old in I still use a slide rule.

I would like to do Morse Code in the near future since I have the ole' German Junker key but I want to get my General License first
before I challenge that endeavor.

Any good suggestions would be appreciated along with some details of maybe why you chose what you have and how you made that decision.

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