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CQ SKS Call Aug 23rd 2017, 08:03 2 10,990 on 24/8/17
Power line transformer interference? Jul 17th 2017, 12:34 4 7,780 on 13/10/17

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Returning to CW KK6YK on 19/12/18
I'm looking for a precise definition of "iambic" as applies to keys, but without success.
CQ SKS Call WA0DOM on 23/8/17
Forgive my newbie ignorance, but I am trying to learn. I just heard a CW CQ that specified "SKS." I assumed that was a call for Straight Key Century Club members, but then I wondered, or is it requesting contacts with Saskatchewan??
Power line transformer interference? WA0DOM on 17/7/17
How close to an electric utility pole with transformer can a wire antenna (probably G5RV) be placed?

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