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QEX instedad of QST? Oct 27th 2017, 08:59 2 1,205 on 27/10/17
flrig / fldigi and IC-706mkIIG Aug 28th 2017, 13:46 4 4,318 on 7/2/19

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QEX instedad of QST? KC1HEP on 27/10/17
My interest in the hobby runs more along the QEX vein. Is it possible to receive the QEX magazine instead of the QST? I already have paid for membership in ARRL. It would be nice to select which publication I receive.

I have been digging through the archives. It appears to me that QST was more like QEX 'back-in-the-day'. Now it doesn't have as much technical and hobby project information in it.

flrig / fldigi and IC-706mkIIG KC1HEP on 28/8/17
Just installed fldigi over the weekend. Finally was able to get the FTDI chip USB comport to work (LUbuntu Linux). I can change the frequency and turn attenuation on and off.

The "Mode Select" doesn't seem to work correctly.

anyone have any experience with flrig or fldigi controlling Icom radios via CI-V???

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