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ic718 transmit power problem Nov 1st 2017, 16:23 8 8,856 on 5/11/17

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ic718 transmit power problem jgospo24 on 5/11/17
Thanks to those who responded. my problem appears to have cleared up after I did a hard reset of the transceiver. Have made a couple of contacts with a reportedly good signal and audio so am back on the air. Thanks again for the assistance. // Jack (KE5TKZ)
ic718 transmit power problem jgospo24 on 2/11/17
That last line should have read "Thanks so much for your intrest in helping me with this problem." /Jack ( Ke5tkz) sorry about the slip up.
ic718 transmit power problem jgospo24 on 2/11/17
Thanks for the thought Zack. I am using the icom hand mike thst came with the radio and I have also substituted an Sm-20 icom desk mike with no difference in outcome. I am really puzzled by this problem. Am getting ahold of a watt meter and dummy load tomorrow afternoon so will try and isolate the transceiver, tuner, feedline and antenna and look for a problem in the chain of items. If you have any other suggestions, i will try them also. Thanks so much for your inyredt in hrlping me with this problem. // Jack (Ke5tkz)
ic718 transmit power problem jgospo24 on 1/11/17
Thanks Bill for that reminder. I do have the mic gain up to 80 and the icom set to 95 watts. I monitored my lack of output power while trying a few CQ calls. Of course, I received no replys. I tried both 17 and 20 meters.
ic718 transmit power problem jgospo24 on 1/11/17
my ic718 does not transmit with more than 2 to 3 watts. I tune a new g5rv jr with a mfj 993-b tuner. when tuning on ritty mode, i show 118 watts with no swr and no reflrcted power. Resetting to ssb with 100 watts output selected i transmit but show 3 or less watts of power output and a reflected value of less than one watt. I changed feedline to rg213 but that changed nothing. Do I possibly have a problem with my finals? I would appreciate any help diagnosing this problem. Thanks much. // Jack (KE5TKZ)

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