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When the FCC gets it wrong Dec 19th 2017, 14:15 3 6,649 on 20/12/17

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When the FCC gets it wrong deckwench on 20/12/17
Thanks! My call sign posted-- KI7SXK. Now to build an antenna.
When the FCC gets it wrong deckwench on 19/12/17

Raw newbie here. I was just checking to see if my shiny new call sign had appeared online, having taken the tech test a week ago. It's not there, but my Marine Operator's license is-- except my name is wrong. and I never noticed it before.

I'm one of those pesky hyphenates and the reason this is important ios because Posey Smith-Jones shows up in a very different place in alphabetical listings than Posey Smith Jones. My DOD ID, passport, and TWIC all show Smith-Jones, so I know Uncle Fed can do this thing and has been able to do it for nearly 40 years.

Anybody have advice on fixing this?

Delightful sidebar: My brother's a Ham! Who knew? We should really talk more often.


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