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Frequencies that should not be used.. Mar 26th 2018, 18:25 3 5,962 on 27/3/18
3 license band plan Feb 14th 2018, 17:55 3 5,997 on 16/2/18

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Frequencies that should not be used.. KE0PIK on 27/3/18
Thank you VERY MUCH!
Being new to this, there is an incredible amount of information to absorb.
A LOT more than I expected when I decided to jump into this :-)
I greatly appreciate the advice.
Have a great day and 73 as they say.
Frequencies that should not be used.. KE0PIK on 26/3/18
I am new to Ham radio, recently gaining my General.
I finally put up an antenna that I could transmit with and unfortunately, the second frequency that I chose to call CQ on was 14.300 only to find out it is used by the Maritime Mobile Service Network. (Which ended up being my first contact).
Needless to say, I was horrified that I called out on a frequency that is used by emergency services.
I went off of the ARRL US Amateur Radio Band plan color .PDF which states absolutely nothing about the usage of that frequency.
Are there any other frequencies that I should avoid that are allocated for phone usage?
This really took the wind out of my sails!
At least I know my Transmit is working :-)
3 license band plan KE0PIK on 16/2/18
Thanks...I kind of figured that :-)
Passed my General last week, working on the advanced now.
Have a Great one!
3 license band plan KE0PIK on 14/2/18
I am new to Ham radio, just passed my general. I have noticed on the ARRL US Amateur Radio Bands .PDF that they show Frequency allocations for Tech, General, Advanced and Extra.
If there are only three license classes to be obtained now, how does this affect these frequency assignments? Can the General licensee use the frequencies listed for Advanced or do those allocations get bumped up to Extra? For Example 20 meters band 14.175-14.225
Any help would be appreciated.

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