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Grounding and bonding Feb 19th 2019, 08:27 6 6,888 on 23/11/19
Questionable readings and seeking advice Jan 9th 2019, 08:43 3 5,616 on 10/1/19

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Grounding and bonding KG5WKO on 19/2/19
Quick note; Soil is clay sand mix and mainly dry as concrete but at times really wet. Also if this helps band s on vee are 40/20/10 and other is 2/440,
Grounding and bonding KG5WKO on 19/2/19
I have a new ham station. When put in room did not realize bonding to home ac earth ground was going to be a problem. My station is on opposite side from panel of new home no metal pipes under house like old days! OK from mast one to mast two 30 ft. Mast two to station feed thru panel ground rod 35 feet. from that ground rod around to one under ac panel 72 feet. Buried insulated solid copper wire. This aspect purely the lightening and electrostatic build up in poles and utility wires safety issue as we get it here often.
Each mast is individual earth grounded and one is gp2 and other inverted vee.
Will this affect tuning create feed back loop rfi etc or just mess with my mind and pocket book?
Questionable readings and seeking advice KG5WKO on 10/1/19
Check local community see if one is available but my pure gut instinct is this is not a vertical but a end fed with counterpoise and absent a coupling network or unun I think experiment is over and back to my safe Inverted vee with balun and I thank you for the reply. I like to tinker so just try to salvage accident.
Questionable readings and seeking advice KG5WKO on 9/1/19
After accident my ham stick dipole lost one half. Just on curiosity turned it into what was to be a vertical. 4 feet off ground on PVC pipe. three radials(?) or counterpoise these are readings Z=50,swr=1.09 at 28.335 MHz,r=48.5 ohms, Xc=1298 mf, Xl=(-4.4 ohms), I am being told its good but my gut says not! OK for new ham what is going on? I am not risking finals to toy with it. Also resonant frequency way above swr frequency by many megahertz. Other than scrap it any advice?

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