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Antenna switch KK4LYQ on 4/10/18
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My rig has 4 antenna outlets. HF, 50 MHZ, VHF and UHF.
I homebrewed a 2M/70Cm J-Pole that I'd like to use when working the local repeaters in mid Florida. I can hit Walt Disney, Lake Wales, the "big sticks" along I75 and Tampa.
I'd like to be able to "flip da switch" back and forth between UHF and VHF but all the coaxal switches I've found ground the non-selected arm of the "Y". Doesn't seem a good idea to ground the antenna outlet of my rig.

I'd like to feed the "leg"of the Y and have a dummy load attached to the arm that is not selected.

Does such an animal exist or do I need to start cross breeding?
Bill -KK4LYQ

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