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full wave antenna worth it? Mar 24th, 16:52 2 862 on 5/4/24
new to ham, need some elmers Dec 31st 2017, 19:00 2 6,728 on 7/8/18

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full wave antenna worth it? phnxdrgn536 on 24/3/24
so i have a hypothetical question... so hypothetically if you had the land and the materials to achieve it, is there any advantage to making a full wave antenna for HF bands all the way down to the 2200M band. or is it even possible to use current materials to do so? what would be the advantages vs disadvantages for full wave over say a 1/4 wave antenna?
new to ham, need some elmers phnxdrgn536 on 31/12/17
Hey fellow hamers, I am just getting started (only thing i have is the ARRL tech manual) and I'm looking at getting a jump start on equipment before i get my license in a couple weeks (I hope). I want to discuss rigs with everyone and look into the pros and cons of different aspects. My ultimate goal is to be able to reach the whole of the continental US from Atlanta Ga. I also want to have a mobile unit in my vehicle for contact back home when I'm traveling and a handheld i can use to experiment with trying to reach my home base when I fly for business trips.

My ultimate question would be which you suggest getting first (base, mobile, handheld) and what setup of each you recommend to achieve my first milestone (without having to sell off one of my kids to get it )

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