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Tilt on Ground Plane Antennae Sep 9th 2021, 08:52 4 4,861 on 9/9/21
Please help with 2m/70cm antenna mounted on tree Jul 5th 2021, 11:37 2 4,934 on 5/7/21
Using Mobile Antenna At Home Jul 13th 2018, 09:42 3 5,516 on 13/7/18
Using Mobile Antenna At Home Jul 13th 2018, 09:25 1 5,327 on 13/7/18

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Tilt on Ground Plane Antennae WD1E on 9/9/21
For reference, the feedline goes down vertically and then into a window where the connector is attached to a switcher. The other antenna is a Tram 1185 mag mount mounted on the housing of the air conditioner mounted in the master bedroom window five feet away. While the feedline was manufactured 30 feet long, the antenna's distance from the transceiver is roughly 15 feet from the peak of the antenna. The line is RG8x. I do not have the tools to shorten the cable.
Tilt on Ground Plane Antennae WD1E on 9/9/21
My question pertains to a 5/8 (four foot) 2 meter ground plane antenna mounted on my roof. First, I live on an island in the Atlantic. There's nothing due South until you hit Brazil and nothing due East until you hit the Azores. Because of the method of non-penetrating mounting, the mast has tilted 10 degrees to the North. To the North is Cape Cod and New England and to the West is Long Island Sound. The top of the four-foot mast is at roughly 140 feet above sea level and there is nothing North or West of me on the Island. Will the 10 degree tilt negatively affect my wave propagation?
Please help with 2m/70cm antenna mounted on tree WD1E on 5/7/21
I have a 25-watt UHF/VHF transceiver on the second floor (25 feet) of my house just inside a window. Here's my plan. I will mount an antenna between 60 and 75 feet above ground level on a tree trunk. I will run a 50-foot RG8x cable straight down. It will terminate at a lightning arrestor. From the arrestor I will run a 10-guage grounding wire straight down to a grounding stake. I will also run a 25-foot RG8x cable horizontally in through my window to my antenna switch. Will this improve my reception and transmission over my Tram mobile mag mount antenna mounted on the metal housing of the air conditioner on my second-floor window just 48 inches from the antenna switch?
Using Mobile Antenna At Home WD1E on 13/7/18
I get no "noise" with the squelch set on "1". At "0" all I get is static.
Using Mobile Antenna At Home WD1E on 13/7/18
I have a Baofeng BF-F9 V2+ handheld transceiver. I live on an island and have to use mainland repeaters. I had the idea to use a Nagoya UT-108 mobile antenna mounted on the housing of an air conditioner in one of my second floor bedrooms to add elevation to reach more repeaters. I've received phone calls from people who have heard me on receivers over 25 miles away. But I have never heard an incoming signal. I do not run the air conditioner when I am sending or attempting to receive. Is there something about mounting the antenna on an air conditioner that interferes with receiving a signal? Is the fact that I assume the antenna is grounded by virtue of the three-prong electrical plug effecting my reception. If there is a magnet in the motor or condenser, is that attracting incoming signals away from the antenna. Since I have two handhelds, I have experimented by sending to myself. I am successful receiving with the handheld with a Nagoya 771 AND with the handheld with the UT-108? I don't know what else to do.

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