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Band Plan Nov 22nd 2018, 20:12 2 5,792 on 30/11/18
Technician Pool Question Question. Nov 20th 2018, 18:19 4 5,631 on 21/11/18

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Band Plan soglejr on 22/11/18
Does anybody have the Band Plan in PDF?
Technician Pool Question Question. soglejr on 21/11/18
Understood. So since they are using the terms SSB Phone and Phone interchangeably can it mean USB Phone as well?
Technician Pool Question Question. soglejr on 20/11/18
Studying for the Technician exam and I'm reading question T2B13 out of the new Technician Pool.

It states: Where may SSB phone be used in amateur bands above 50MHz?

The correct answer is C. In at least some portion of all these bands.

My question is how does that square with the US Amateur Radio Bands diagram from ARRL dtd 5 Mar 2012? According to the diagram the only range allowing SSB phone is the bottom end of 10m.

Thanks for the assist.


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