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Ideas for an Antenna in an Apartment with Aluminum Siding WA2FTV on 8/4/20
I would disable your transmitter, (like unplugging a key or microphone), and hook up the back of your transceiver to your apartment grounding. If you still don't hear anything, then you might have a problem with your radio. If you do hear something, then you might have a problem with your antenna or feed line.
Field Day Battery Operation W1ECH on 8/4/20
I realize this is an old forum, but hopefully somebody can answer my question. I will probably operate Field Day from my backyard as 1B-battery category, and I have a question about charging my battery. I am wondering if I can still get the x5 multiplier if I charge my battery by commercial means before the Field Day event, and charge it maybe halfway through with a solar panel.

Thank you very much to those who reply!


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