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Array vs End feed vs Dipole Feb 8th 2019, 15:00 3 6,047 on 14/1/22
Necessary for Antenna to be higher than roof? Feb 4th 2019, 13:25 5 5,980 on 5/2/19

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How to handle excess cable N0GQA on 15/2/19
Maybe buy a few toroids and coil the coax to create an awesome RFI trap?
Array vs End feed vs Dipole W4CWL on 8/2/19
Is there any advantage of a vertical array in either the broadside, endfire, or cardioid configuration vs an End Feed vs a Dipole?

If I understand correctly, an array could generate some gain in one or two directions. I'm not so sure about the end feed or the dipole.
Necessary for Antenna to be higher than roof? W4CWL on 4/2/19
Thank you so much! Very helpful.
How much interference to the horizontally polarized beam would my brick house be if the tower were, say 20 feet away from it? Too much to be worth it?
Necessary for Antenna to be higher than roof? W4CWL on 4/2/19
Hello all! First - apologies if this is covered extensively elsewhere in the forum. I was not able to find a relevant discussion using the search feature.

I have a question about Yagi/beam, or even the W8JK antennas. Do they have to be above the roof line, or is it enough to get the elements above the brick?

More details including photo link below.

I live in an HOA, and the person who wrote the restrictions about antennas was very focused on satellite dishes, not on Ham antennas. There aren't any specific restrictions on towers or other short wave antennas. That being said, I could see a major fit being thrown if I don't do some due diligence beforehand.

I have a location in my back yard where I think I could "hide" a tower, rather than just throwing it in the neighbor's faces by putting it up in my big back yard.

Here's a link to a photo of my back yard so you can see what I'm talking about:

The area just behind the house, where they dug out the basement, could hold a small tower. I have a clear shot out the back yard, and if I get it just above the brick, it won't be visible, and I figure I could still shoot a signal that way too (due west).

Ideally, I would put a 100foot tower up in my huge back yard, but that's not going to happen.

I don't want to invest all the money in a tower and a beam if the propagation is going to be awful. Thanks!

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