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Great find May 22nd 2019, 05:54 1 5,579 on 22/5/19
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Best way to pass lines through the garage wall? KJ6CBP on 22/5/19
Go to the MFJ website and check out Part #MFJ-4612.
These are weatherproof pass through plates for wiring and coax. They have several varieties with different numbers of usable holes.

No computer only smart LG phone N0CHS on 22/5/19
Go to the Google play store and do a search for Ham Radio apps. Several antenna design programs are available, some for free.
Great find AG7TD on 22/5/19
Have to share my latest find on Offer Up. Found a 58' Rohn tip over tower and Mosely CL36-M triband beam, with a Ham 3 rotor still attached, all for the princely sum of $400. I of course jumped on it. The beam was in a pille disassembled, but is cleaning up nicely and so far all of the traps are in good shape. Still have to check out the rotor, but if it's in fair shape I'll disassemble it and install a new stainless ring gear and new rotor control. Guess it pays to the want ads on occasion. Couldn't have afforded to get all of this gear otherwise. Thanks for listening.

Introduction AG7TD on 25/3/19
Hello all. I just received my license from the FCC. My call is AG7TD. I went ahead and took all three tests at once and managed to pass all three.

I have been reading ARRL publications for years and decided that, since I am now licensed, that I could benefit from membership.

Currently my rig is an Icon IC-7300 red into a random length wire via a 9:1 transformer.

Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello to the members.

Terry Frelich AG7TD

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