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Suggestion 80 Meter Antenna Apr 1st 2020, 15:15 2 4,858 on 2/4/20
Digital Interface Kenwood TS440 Dec 8th 2019, 14:41 2 6,189 on 8/12/19

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Suggestion 80 Meter Antenna N8KDC on 1/4/20
Just getting back in to amateur radio and would like suggestions on an 80 meter antenna. I am on 10/15/20 via a 4 element tri-bander supported by a 70 foot tower. I would prefer to utilize the tower for supporting the 80 meter antenna (wire) as I have a 4 input antenna switch mounted at the top.
Digital Interface Kenwood TS440 N8KDC on 8/12/19
Looking for recommendations on whether or not to add a digital interface to my TS440. Just getting back into amateur radio and am not quite ready to purchase a new radio. If I do proceed I'd appreciate specific interface(s) I should consider.

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