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lots of static - new ham Dec 24th 2020, 15:45 6 4,551 on 24/12/20

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lots of static - new ham N0GFT on 24/12/20
Thank you Bill WA0CBW yes I can try it perpendicular. That will be a good first step!
lots of static - new ham N0GFT on 24/12/20
Q1 - So S7 noise level on 80 meters is common?

Q2 - Should I replace the dipole with an 80M loop and ladder line feed, and external tuner?
lots of static - new ham N0GFT on 24/12/20
Hello everyone - I could use an Elmer! I've had my license for over a year, mostly use it on 2M, but would like to get into HF.

I have a terrible time on 80M, way too much noise. 20 and 40 are better, but still very noisy.

My antenna is from DX Engineering a Buckmaster 7 band 300W OCF dipole antenna connected to my ICOM IC-746. It's installed per manufacturer's recommendation, in trees in my backyard. It's on a slope, as I live on a lake and there's over 80' of elevation change.

It's fed with 125' of DX Engineering RG213U. There's a powerline 70' away, about the same elevation, running parallel to the antenna.

I've tried isolating the different components to find the problem. I disconnected it from my building, powered from a battery, and even shut off the main disconnect to see if I can find the source of the noise. I can't shut off the nearby powerline (to test) without getting the power company involved.

What's my next step? Get a transceiver that has a better noise filter? Install a noise filter in the IC-746? Buy a separate noise filter? Move the antenna?

Carl, N0GFT, Gunflint Trail 3.5 miles from Canada in Northern Minnesota (EN48rb)

73 everyone!

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