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Identify equipment help Jul 16th 2021, 10:05 3 5,008 on 23/7/21

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Identify equipment help KF0ATN on 23/7/21
Solved! now that i have the actual manual, reading through it shows that this is a home brew radio made from surplus WWII transmitters, an SCR-274N command set, which is made of the military BC-457-A and BC-459-A transmitters, which I easily found complete service and ops manuals online. This was made for the Grand Island Municipal airport back in 1948, Made by Harold Ward(WA0JBL) he built cabinet, power unit, antenna unit and signal units to modify the command set. Further research shows it was fairly typical of Post WWII surplus usage by Hams to make there own sets. Neat that he took the time to type and draw all the things he added. H only once mentioned the command set.
Identify equipment help KF0ATN on 19/7/21
I cannot find where i can upload a picture on this forum, but there is a picture on my QRZ site, towards bottom of bio, and in gallery, can't miss it, a large black vintage cabinet radio. Some think it may have been used at a small airport in the area.
Identify equipment help KF0ATN on 16/7/21
I have a Wolf Special Radio Transmitter, 1948. it is 80 and 40M bands. I have with it a hand type ops manual, with hand drafted schematics. This was last used about 20 years ago by the prior owner for CW only. it is about 34" T x 24"w x 24"D, all black steel metal. maybe 60 pounds or so.

The prior owner is recently deceased, and his son says he believes his dad got it navy surplus.

I cannot find any info at all about wolf radios in the the time period of the transmitter, just some newer company audio equip makers.

does anyone have any info on such transmitters.

It was used with a national NC-183 receiver for many years, I own them both now. and plan to continue to use them for CW only as well.

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