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10m 2-element beam Sparky422 on 5/12/19
Thanks a heap for the information. I checked out the articles you mentioned. The June '84 article is especially close if not the same. I'm sure the leaflet (it was a couple of pages separate from the normal stuff) I had was published sometime between 1978 and 1982. I can't remember if I scaled it to 10m or not and whether the original included the capacitors and/or balun.

I think I will try this and see; can't say how soon. Also, I am more familiar with baluns now to include one.
10m 2-element beam Sparky422 on 4/12/19
I'm finally getting back into the hobby after 30+ years of quiet time. I had a 10m two-element beam that I really had a lot of good contacts with that I would like to try again; perhaps scaling it to a different band depending on the propagation conditions.

It was a very easy design. It used 300-ohm twin-lead as if it were a couple of folded dipoles joined by a short length of additional twin-lead with a half twist connecting them. I think it was fed at the front element. I used four long bamboo fishing poles and some 2x2 wood pieces for support and 50-ohm coax with no balun or other matching circuits. With only a minor bit of tuning it worked great and made quite a few contact from northern Michigan to California. I got the design in the mail with some literature from the ARRL, I think.

Does anyone know/remember this? I would like to try it again if I can get the details.

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