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Vertical Antenna 160M-10M donavangaffney on 12/5/20
I am looking for a Vertical Antenna. I live in a house in the country, I have no trees around just open area. I am thinking of getting a antenna and I think a vertical one would probably be a better one unless someone else has a better option. I have a ICOM IC7300 and what I want is a Vertical that will do 160 meters to 10 meters, without being 100 feet in the air or taller. I am looking for something that isn't going to cost a ton of money but work great. I have seen some that require radials, tuning, etc, and some that don't. I want this to be around maybe 15-20 feet something manageable that I can do by myself and secure it so it doesn't get blown away. I live in the south and we are always have hurricane threats. What are some options, what are some mounting hardware without having to get a an actual tower. If this cannot be done I would be happy with a 80 meter to 10 meter. Also want this antenna to be able for me to go to another band on the fly without me having to take the antenna down and do adjustments to make it happen. I know this sounds like a lot, but I know someone out there that has a great idea that would be awesome to help. I am willing to come off the price if it means I can get everything I want just don't want to sink thousands and thousands of dollars into a antenna. Any Ideas?

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