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HF RF Tripping Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI's) W4TL on 2/5/21
I have a house built in 2015 with Eaton AFCI breakers. I had no problems until I installed a ground plane vertical antenna for 40 m. Previously, I used only dipoles. On first key down with 75 W CW, a breaker tripped. I paid an electrician to replace that breaker with a 2019 Eaton AFCI breaker. The new breaker does not trip and I thought my problem was solved. Not so. Other Eaton AFCI breakers tripped after a short period of operating (75 W, CW). It is clear that Eaton has manufactured breakers that do not meet UL standards which specify tolerance to radio emissions. I contacted Eaton and asked if they have a a program to address this problem but have not yet received a reply.

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